Accessibility at Seashore

Accessibility at Seashore is of great importance to us. The Visitors Center is wheelchair accessible, including restroom facilities and the Museum Store. We have ample handicap parking spaces adjacent to the main entrance. The parking area, entrance walkway and visitor’s platform are all hard surfaces of asphalt, concrete and brick respectively.

Seashore Trolley Museum's Mobilift

Seashore Trolley Museum’s custom-designed Mobilift for Boston Elevated 5821 in action.

The Museum added a Mobilift to its offerings in 2020; guests with mobility challenges may prefer to access some of the trolleys in our collection with this device.  This season, regular operating fleet cars compatible with the Mobilift include Boston Elevated 5821 and Wheeling, WV 639.  Our goal is to always have at least one car accessible via Mobilift on every day we are open to guests, but guests who would like to use the Mobilift should call in advance of their visit to ensure our crew are ready to assist you and/or your group, and that a trolley compatible with the Mobilift is operating the day of your planned visit.

Our walkways to the exhibit barns are packed gravel but are not paved. At this time there is no elevator to the observation gallery in the Donald G. Curry Restoration Shop.

Please feel free to call the museum if you have additional questions about accessibility.

One of Seashore Trolley Museum’s current capital campaigns is to raise funding to enhance campus paths and walkways. Learn more about this initiative and donate HERE.