Seashore’s International Collection

A Window Onto The World

Seashore Trolley Museum’s international collection of public transit vehicles includes over 30 vehicle artifacts from cities outside the United States. In many countries, where use of private automobiles is less prevalent than in the U.S.,
public transportation has had greater importance in daily life. While the United States and other countries share many aspects of transit technology, some overseas features–such as the British double deck trams–were rarely used here.

In addition to vehicles that were transported to the museum from overseas, Seashore’s international collection includes the largest group of preserved Canadian transit vehicles outside of Canada.

Explore our international transit artifacts virtually, from the comfort of your own home. When you visit us in person, stop by our Visitors Center Exhibit Room to enjoy the complete Window Onto The World exhibit and experience some of the international artifacts up close in our display carhouses. 



The “A Window Onto The World” exhibit was made possible by a generous grant from the Maine Office of Tourism.