Trustees and Corporate Officers

Trustees of the New England Electric Railway Historical Society

Board of Trustees

Robert C. Drye

Chester Gabriel

Robert Grindrod

John Grube

James J. Mackell

Peter Osgood

Michael Peters

Randall Stahl

James D. Schantz

Sue Ellen Stavrand

James B. Van Bokkelen

Peter Wilson

Senior Trustees

Michael C. Lennon

Frederick J. Maloney

James D. Schantz

Jeffrey N. Sisson

Corporate Officers

Robert C. Drye,  Chair

Sue Ellen Stavrand, Vice Chair

James D. Schantz, President & CEO (and Chairman Emeritus)

        Thomas LaRoche, Immediate Past Chair

Katie Orlando, Executive Director

Charles R. Sullivan, Treasurer

Connie Garland, Membership Secretary

Cecilia B. Clapp, Corporate Secretary

David C. Johnson, Esq., General Counsel & Clerk of Corporation

Administrative Officers

       Town House Restoration Shop Director – Randy Leclair

       Director of Railway Operations – Thomas LaRoche

       Assistant Director of Railway Operations – Roger Tobin

       Superintendent of Track – Peter Wilson and James B. Van Bokkelen

       Superintendent of Signals – Thomas LaRoche

       Superintendent of Overhead – Robert C. Drye

       Superintendent of Railway Operations – Seashore – Roger Tobin

       Superintendent of Railway Operations – Lowell – Fred Hessler

       Director of Bus & Trackless Trolley Operations – Charles Sullivan

       Curator of the Seashore Trolley Museum – Peter Osgood

       Curator of the National Streetcar Museum at Lowell – Paul Castiglione

       Librarian – Karen Dooks

       Manager of Facilities & Grounds – Scott Roberts

       Coordinator of Educational Services – John Mercurio

       Webmaster: report problems to [email protected]

       Bookkeeper – Constance Garland

       Visitors Center Manager – Sherri Alcock

       Volunteer Coordinator – Steve Fontaine

Seashore Trolley Museum Organizational Chart