Atlantic Shore Line Railway #100

Atlantic Shore Line #100 Project: Restoration, Education, and Preservation.

Atlantic Shore Line #100 Project: Restoration, Education, and Preservation.

The restoration of Atlantic Shore Line Railway #100 was unique and special to the Seashore Trolley Museum for two reasons. This locomotive is special to the Museum because the Museum is situated around and has its demonstration railway laid upon the old roadbed of the Atlantic Shore Line. This locomotive is the only piece of equipment from the Atlantic Shore Line Railway that the Museum has in its collection. Secondly, the Atlantic Shore Line #100 Project did not end with the restoration of the locomotive, it continued with the development of an educational program, a new exhibit for the Museum that can be found in the Visitors Center, and exhibits for other area museums.

About the Atlantic Shore Line
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Benefits of the Project to the Museum and the Community

Atlantic Shore Line’s electric locomotive No. 100 is the single remaining original piece of rolling stock from the Atlantic Shore Line Railway system. As such, it represents an important component in the development of the textile industry in the Sanford-Springvale area and the resort industry in the Kennebunks.

This locomotive provided an essential connection between the Boston & Maine Railroad and the growing population of these areas. The Atlantic Shore Line moved coal from Cape Porpoise to power the looms of the Sanford mills and carried passengers between Kennebunkport and other coastal resort towns. The location of the Cape Porpoise Casino near the coal trestle provided a tourist/industrial terminus for the line and an additional revenue-generating source.

The restoration of this important piece of Maine history will serve as a visible means to explain and teach the importance of infrastructure in the economic and social development of this historically significant region of New England.

Watch a video about the Service Learning Project done by local school children

While it is interesting to note when the locomotive was built and by whom, this artifact is more valuable to explain the impact that the electric trolley system had on the economic growth and social lives of people living and visiting York County. Maine has long been known as a vacation spot or resort: a place for “rustication”; this unpretentious electric locomotive provides a starting point for connecting the present to the rich historical past of the York County region.

Before the automobile was “king”, most people living at the turn of the twentieth century traveled locally on foot, horseback, or by carriage/wagon. With the conditions of dirt roads in “mud season” or a heavy snowfall in winter, travel was quite limited at times. Trolley service made it significantly easier for people and goods to travel reliably and affordably.

Supporters of the Atlantic Shore Line Railway #100 Project

Funding for the Atlantic Shore Line locomotive #100 project came from many different sources. The following list gives an idea how broad our fundraising has been for this project.

A large part of the funding for ASL-100 came from:

Historic Transportation Enhance Funds
(Federal Transportation Administration and the Maine Department of Transportation)

Major local sponsor for the project:

H. Albert Webb Memorial Railroad Preservation Award
(Massachusetts Bay Railroad Enthusiasts, Inc.)


Amherst Railway Society
Kennebunk Savings Bank
National Railway Historical Society
Kennebunkport Business Association
Ocean National Bank
The 470 Railroad Club
Saco & Biddeford Savings Institution

Membership of the New England Electric Railway Historical Society
Hillsgrove Machine of Alton (N.H.)
Henry Bowen Brainerd Bequest
Richard Perkins Memorial Fund
Charles Murray and Mary Elizabeth Cott Memorial Fund

In-Kind Donors:

AC Electric Corporation
Library at York County Community College
Mildred L. Day School
Brick Store Museum
Kennebunkport Historical Society
Sanford Historical Committee
Whitecap Museum Consulting Services – Patricia Pierce Erikson
Jumpstart Creative – Kimberly Skillin Traina