Parts Warehouse Extension

Project Sponsor: Devon Hubner
Fundraising Goal: $500,000
To get involved, or donate, to the project: Contact Devon Hubner, Parts Warehouse Manager.

Original Parts Warehouse

The original Parts Warehouse was built in 1998 to store parts used for the restoration and maintenance of Museum artifacts. If the Restoration Shop is the heart of the museum, the Parts Warehouse is the blood.

Since the original Parts Warehouse was built, it has been completely filled. Parts are storage in other locations around the museum campus, such as in decaying box cars. An expansion is needed to ensure all parts can be stored until they are needed. The Parts Warehouse is a 60×100 foot building. The new expansion will be a duplicate of the existing Warehouse, a 60×100 foot steel building.

Donating to the Seashore Trolley Museum’s parts warehouse expansion project helps ensure the preservation of history, efficient artifact maintenance, educational initiatives, community enrichment, and leaves a lasting legacy for generations to come. It’s an opportunity for individuals to actively participate in the museum’s mission and make a positive impact on the cultural heritage of their community.

Parts Warehouse 2 location


Your support will help us reach our $500,000 fundraising goal.  To apply your donation to the Parts Warehouse Expansion project, designate your donation to Fund 965E

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