Parts Warehouse Extension

Project Sponsor: Bill Pollman
Fundraising Goal: $500,000
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An aerial photo of our current Parts Warehouse and the area cleared in fall 2019 to accommodate an extension. Eric Gilman photo.

Collecting and storing parts for our rolling stock is crucial for our future success as a transit museum with rolling exhibits. We have run out of space to store parts and as a result, several have been left outside; in some cases, for decades. Many of these parts are priceless; these parts are the last of their kind and future restorations depend on their preservation. A Parts Warehouse Extension will allow us to preserve more parts and to continue property clean-up efforts. Land was cleared in 2019 behind our existing Parts Warehouse to help us begin the building process upon a successful fundraising campaign. Funding will be used to build an identical storage warehouse adjacent to our current building.


We have established a $500,000 fundraising goal, with the hope to begin work in the next few years.  Those that wish to contribute now may designate your donation to Fund 965E.