Town House Shop Heating System

Project Sponsor: Katie Orlando
Fundraising Goal: $50,000
Questions for Katie? Want to get more involved in the project? Contact her here. 


The Town House Shop’s furnace is still hanging on years after its lifespan.

The Town House Restoration Shop hums with activity year-round. Seven professional staff and over twenty volunteers work in the shop 1-5 days a week to support efforts to restore, preserve, repair and maintain transit artifacts that are displayed around campus or operated for the general public.

The Shop’s heating system has outlived its lifespan by years already and is hanging on due to measures taken by our staff to keep it operating until we have the financial resources in place to replace it. The system leaks oil and fails at least three times each winter, of course on days when it’s most needed.  Our hardworking team needs a warm environment to do their important work as efficiently as possible.

We have established a $50,000 fundraising goal, with the hope to overhaul the heating system before winter 2021.  Those that wish to contribute to the Town House Restoration Shop’s Heating System may designate your donation to Fund 997. 



The current heating system in the Town House Restoration Shop.