Town House Shop Heating System

Fundraising Goal: $50,000 (Mission Accomplished!)

The Town House Shop’s former furnace lasted 41 years. 

The Town House Restoration Shop hums with activity year-round. Seven professional staff and over twenty volunteers work in the shop 1-5 days a week to support efforts to restore, preserve, repair and maintain transit artifacts that are displayed around campus or operated for the general public.

The Shop’s old heating system outlived its lifespan by years decades.  The system leaked oil and failed at least three times each winter, of course on days when it was most needed.  Our hardworking team needed a warm environment to do their important work as efficiently as possible.

That’s why, in 2022, museum’s Finance Committee voted to use $50,000 in the museum’s reserves to fund a replacement heating system.  The new system was installed in fall 2022 Jim Godbout Plumbing and Heating (Biddeford, ME).

Help us maintain this new heating system and continue to make enhancements to our Restoration Shop! Designate your donation to the Annual Campaign Fund.