Holiday Trail of Lights at Seashore Trolley Museum


Thank you for visiting Seashore Trolley Museum’s Holiday Trail of Lights display!

Click the audio below to hear the narration of our beloved Twinkle, the bright star high above our display, as she finds her way through Kennebunkport and begins her adventures at Seashore Trolley Museum. Next holiday season, Twinkle will find our trolley Manchester No. 38, and her magic will transform the second trolley ever to be preserved in the whole world into Twinkle Trolley! More exciting adventures and a brand new holiday event at Seashore Trolley Museum are soon to come.


VOTE FOR US! If you enjoy our display, please vote and help us raise funds to support preserving Manchester trolley No. 38! Cast your ballot for us here:


We would like to thank the following businesses and individuals for helping us design and create our Holiday Trail of Lights experience this year:

Sue Ellen Stavrand for taking the lead on this project and coordinating all of us!
Mike Curry for cutting and assembling all of the wooden characters
Diane Lent for designing and painting all of the wooden characters
Todd Glickman for narrating Twinkle’s adventures
Gabriel Freeman for creating the audio to accompany our display. Check out his business at
Rick Whetstone for helping us build the display
Peter Wilson, James vanBokkelen and Dana Kirkpatrick for moving Betty the Bus to our display
Jim Stockman
for helping us with our lighting design and donating Twinkle and other lights to the display. Learn more about Jim here.
Chick’s Marina for donating the electricity powering Betty the Bus!
The Nonantum for donating the white lights!
Staff Members Scott Roberts, Dave Rogers, Bill Catanesye, Brian Tenaglia, Randy Leclair and Seth Reed for assisting with our display building and construction.
Ellington for donating his duck for our display of gifts under the tree.


Check our pictures of our Holiday Trail of Lights scene!


Seagulls greet you at the main entrance!

Twinkle the Star!


Charlie with his presents and Christmas Tree!

A closer look of Charlie’s Motorman.


Betty the Bus!




Children enjoying a ride on Betty the Bus!

Betty the Bus’ driver and special friend!

The Conductor!














Stay tuned for more Twinkle Adventures: Twinkle the Star will magically transform our very own Manchester No. 38 into Twinkle Trolley during our 2022 Season!