Hamburger Hochbahn 2710

Sister car to No. 2710, No. 2557, in service in Hamburg during the 1950s; STM collection.

Operating History: In 1926, Hamburg acquired 50 class N6-V trams, including Seashore’s tram originally numbered 2705.  The N6-V trams were designed to haul one or two unmotorized trailers.  The trams had speedometers which were unusual for streetcars.  In 1943, allied bombing shut down parts of Hamburg’s tram network.  No. 2705 survived World War II although 13 other N6-V trams were badly damaged or destroyed.  Following the war, Hamburg revived its tram system.  In 1947, Hamburg renumbered the surviving trams, and No. 2705 became No. 2539.  Hamburg extensively modernized the N6-V trams in 1957-58.  Originally double end cars, these trams were changed to one way operation with door openings on the right side only.  The N6-V class became class Z2u, and No. 2539 was renumbered again, becoming No. 2710.  Hamburg gradually replaced its tram system with buses and with S-Bahn and U-Bahn rapid transit lines.  The last surface tram ran in 1978.


Museum Ownership: As a result of the efforts of Karl-Robert Leimbach, a German exchange student who had visited the museum, Hamburger Hochbahn donated No. 2710 to Seashore in 1965.  The German General Consul and Vice Consul in Boston assisted in the project.  Additional help came from the United States Lines which carried No. 2710 free of charge to Boston on the S.S. Pioneer Glen.  A special luncheon for dignitaries and representatives of the press was held at Boston’s Sheraton-Plaza Hotel.  With cooperation of the Federation of German Agricultural Exporters and two barbershop quartet groups, the car was displayed at Greater Boston supermarkets and in two parades before moving to Kennebunkport.  Seashore quickly began using No. 2710 in passenger service.  Later, in 1973, Seashore acquired another German tram, Berlin No. 3412.  Seashore recently did some interior restoration work on No. 2710.  The Schonberger Strand museum near Hamburg has preserved 17 trams from Hamburg, including another Z2u tram, No. 2734.


Current Condition: No. 2710 is currently stored in Fairview Carhouse. Only one of No. 2710’s two motors is working.  The car’s regenerative brakes are not working, but the hand brakes are functioning. No. 2710 awaits restoration.

No. 2710 at Seashore Trolley Museum; STM collection.