Brantford Public Utilities Commission 627

Brantford sister coach No. 602 in service; Charlie Sullivan collection.

Operating History: The transit system in Brantford, Ontario has been city-owned since 1914.  Brantford fully converted from streetcars to buses in 1939.  Between 1954 and 1966, Brantford acquired 19 General Motors Corp. TGH-3102 buses with various roster numbers between 540 and 662.  GMC delivered No. 627 in 1962


Yellow Coach introduced the streamlined “Old Look” bus design 1940.  General Motors acquired Yellow Coach in 1943 and continued the model.  About 38,000 “Old Look” buses were built between 1940 and 1969.  Most had diesel engines and were used to replace older gasoline buses.  “Old Look” buses came in numerous versions and ranged between 25 feet and 41 feet in length.  Model TGH-3102 refers to Transit, Gasoline engine, Hydraulic transmission and 31 passengers.  This model is has a relatively short length of 28 feet.


About 1970, Brantford changed its bus paint scheme from red and white to cream with a red stripe.  As Brantford grew, the small size of the TGH-3102 buses was a handicap, and diesel engines became favored over gasoline engines.  No. 627 was retired relatively early but after receiving the new paint scheme.


Museum Ownership: About 1990, John Wolfe, of Greenland, New Hampshire, purchased No. 627.  Wolfe operated New Hampshire Motor Coach, a small business trading in used buses.  Wolfe kept No. 627 at his storage building and drove it on small trips around his area.  In 1990, Wolfe closed his business and donated No. 627 to Seashore.


Seashore acquired No. 627 because its small size and classic design were considered suitable for publicity trips outside the museum.  In 1991, Seashore repainted the bus back to its original red and white colors. The bus received other repairs during the 1990s.  In 1995-98, Seashore operated No. 627 in parades in Biddeford and Kennebunkport.  In 1998, No. 627 provided shuttle service to the Home, Food and Craft show at Kennebunk High School from a parking lot on Route 1.


Current Condition: No. 627 is stored in Central Carhouse.  It is not in operating condition.