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  • We've Moved (Websites!) April 7, 2018
    Please visit us at our new web address,Www.NEERHSLibrary.OrgWe've got a new website where we can consolidate all of our favorite things - our blog (including our past blog posts), links to purchase library publications, online exhibits, library documents, and more.-NEERHS Library volunteers
  • The Wason Collection to be digitized April 1, 2016
    The Seashore Trolley Museum Library has received two generous donations that will fund the Wason Collection digitization project.  This collection consists of 3000 negatives and their prints, documenting the cars built for the railways around the country, and in South and Central America.  The collection dates from 1906 to 1938 and has sample photographs from […]
  • Wrapping up the Blueprint Project, Summer 2015 August 17, 2015
    We're winding down our work on the Blueprint Project for the summer.  Chris Libby has cataloged and scanned approximately 700 blueprints and engineering sketches.  Now we're busy housing them all in archival storage.Here is our workroom, filled to the brim.  A bit chaotic!Smaller blueprints go in flat boxes.Larger blueprints are rolled in tissue paper.Rolled on […]
  • Progress on the Blueprint Collection July 27, 2015
    We are making steady progress on the digitization of the Blueprint Collection.  We have completed the cataloging and description of 500 blueprints, primarily from the Boston Elevated Railway and the West End Street Railway.  You can see the data here. By the end of the day, we will have scanned approximately 50% of the blueprints. […]
  • Update on the Blueprint Project July 15, 2015
    Progress continues on the blueprint project. We finished cataloging 500 prints (and there are boxes and boxes more still to unroll).  The large majority of the prints come from the Boston Elevated Railway, with a smaller percentage from the West End Street Railway.  Scanning has begun.We made an interesting discovery as we were working with […]
  • Summer 2015 Blueprint Project June 3, 2015
    Exciting news!Thanks to a generous donation from Seashore Trolley Museum member, James VB, the STM Library will be cataloging, preserving, and digitizing a collection of 500 blueprints from the Library's collections.  The project will support the hire of an archival technician, the purchase of archival supplies for storage, and the rental of a large format […]
  • The Wason Manufacturing Company Collection April 4, 2015
    Exciting news!  We have identified the Wason Manufacturing Company Collection as a good candidate for a new grant project.  This collection consists of 3000 negatives and their prints, documenting the cars built by the railways around the country.  The collection dates from 1906 to 1938 and has sample photographs from every order completed during that […]
  • Search the O.R. Cummings Negative Collection March 30, 2015
    The O.R. Cummings Negative Collection includes records for more than 900 negatives, primarily of Maine railways, but also for other cities in the U.S. and countries around the world.  Interested in learning more about what the collection contains? Now you can browse it online!Many thanks to Roger Somers for doing the data entry for the […]
  • Re-housing O.R. Cummings' negative collection February 8, 2014
    It's been a year since O.R. Cummings passed away.  He is sorely missed - not only for his amazing knowledge of electric railways, but also for his wonderful company. O.R. is still keeping the Library Committee busy though!  His negative collection has been digitized by Leo Sullivan and is now at the York County Community […]
  • A look back at October February 8, 2014
    The Seashore Trolley Museum Library has been quietly busy over the past few months.  In the fall, we took advantage of the cool, crisp weather to do some essential shifting before the snow fell. Here is Rand doing some pre-sorting of materials Rand and Lenny re-position some of the existing wooden shelving. Looking tidy! Lee and Russ start assembling […]