Providence and Worcester locomotive 150

Amount Successfully Raised: $16,000

Providence & Worcester 150 arrives on campus July 24, 2020.

Locomotive 150, a 25-ton diesel from the Providence & Worcester railroad, was acquired after a 4-year effort on July 24, 2020, following the first successfully completed fundraising campaign for one of our New Direction 5-Year Strategic Plan projects.

The locomotive has joined our non-accessioned work vehicle fleet, and has been used by our Restoration, Yard and Track Departments to complete several projects and initiatives on our railroad. The locomotive also allows us to gently move items in our fragile transit collection as needed.  Adding this diesel to our work fleet allows us to better preserve other historic transit vehicles that these departments have been using to tow and shift artifacts around our yards. This includes our Type 3 MBTA Plows and our Oshawa Locomotive. These pieces are historic artifacts in their own right. Overall, the addition of P&W 150 has made the challenging job of maintaining our railroad and our transit collection safer and easier.

Thank you to the following donors, who contributed to the purchase of Locomotive 150, or to transport the vehicle from Worcester, Massachusetts to Seashore Trolley Museum:


Todd Glickman

Tom LaRoche

Fred Maloney

Jim Schantz

James van Bokkelen


Funds to support Seashore’s efforts to maintain P&W locomotive 150 can be designated to Fund 821.


P&W 150 at work, August 2020. John Mercurio photo.