Family Picnic and Play Area

Project Sponsors: Sue Ellen Stavrand & Brooke Hubner
Fundraising Goal: $139,375.00
Questions for Sue Ellen and Brooke? Want to get more involved in the project? Contact them here.


Seashore Trolley Museums is a natural draw for families of ALL ages to come enjoy.  We need to support the family experience with spaces to reflect, unwind and gather during their visit.  Additionally, the museum needs to expand its outdoor space offerings for events, celebrations and membership gatherings.

The Dream!

  • Design a comfortable,  shaded area where guests of all ages can wait for their next trolley ride or enjoy a picnic lunch while watching the activity on our campus.

    This playground, pictured at our satellite museum, the National Streetcar Museum at Lowell, is the inspiration for our future playground in this new space.

  • Build a playscape for children with boundless energy to expend their excitement in a safe place to run and play.

  • Create a space away from the crowd,  loud noises and moving trolleys that can serve as a sensory-safe space for children.

  • Develop an historically interesting meeting space/small event venue utilizing one of the two Canadian CLRV’s.

  • Construct a passenger pick up location for our Trackless Trolley passengers.

  • Establish accessible pathways and shaded, protected seating for our guests.

  • Erect restrooms facilities to service this new space.

    A CLRV, like the one pictured, will be placed in the area and used for meetings and events.

The Project:

The Family Park/Picnic area will capture the underutilized space that was the former first Visitor Center turned Library turned storage building.  “tjd@a Landscape Architects” have been hired and are designing a multi-purpose area for our members and guests to use as a family picnic/ play area, host member/community meetings, and offer space for small events like birthday parties, weddings, and other intimate gatherings.  This added venue space has the ability to attract more revenue generating event bookings positively affecting our bottom line yearly budget.

Progress so far:

In 2020, Seashore Trolley Museum said farewell to the building that served as our first Visitors Center to make way for this new space on campus.  In 2021  we will complete the remaining planned demolition, re-home the boxcar and caboose currently  parked in the space, remove the current track and replace with Canadian gauged track for the second Canadian Light Rail Vehicle.   The museum recently acquired two CLRV’s; one will be used for restoration parts of the accessioned CLRV 4068 and join our collection in the near future.  The second CLRV, after parts are removed,  will be repurposed into a meeting and event space within the Family Park area.   Finally, picnic tables, built by Sherri Alcock in the summer of 2020, are ready to be installed upon construction completion.

Why Your Support is Needed:

Seashore Museum has received the generous support of reduced design rates from tjd&a Landscape Architects in the designing of this space.  Terrapin Landscapes, a donor of the Visitor Centers 2020 landscaping,  will continue their support in reduced labor and materials costs for this next landscaped area.   Your generous donation will complete the mission to build this critically needed area for our members and visitors!

Any contribution is welcome! Please also consider our naming opportunities below:

    1. Naming – $35,000
    2. Playground  – $15,000

    3. Gazebo – $20,000

    4. CLRV tracks & renovation – $25,000

    5. Fence Pickets – $125 x 175

    6. Trackless Trolley boarding station – $7,500

    7. Benches – $1,500 x 10

    8. Restrooms – $25,000

And designate your gift to Fund 982