Join a Seashore Trolley Museum Committee!

Volunteer Help Wanted

The following Seashore Committees are currently recruiting new members. Some of these committees have formal voting members, who are appointed by the committees’ membership upon vacancies or once annually.  Some are more casual, and anyone in attendance may vote if a vote is needed. And some are a hybrid of both models.

Education Committee: Meets routinely;  John Mercurio, Chair, will call the next meeting this spring based on any new volunteer’s schedule availability. The Education Department has the responsibility to support the educational mission of the museum, by presenting a living history of public transportation relevant to North American life through community –related educational programs. Accomplishing the mission begins with the Exhibit Room and continues with tours of the Demonstration Railway, the shop, barns, and other exhibits on the grounds. Additional responsibilities include: 1) developing educational related programs; 2) planning and coordinating educational activities with other departments; 3) developing school curriculum and trips to the museum; and 4) providing community service and outreach programs.  If you would like more information or would like to join this committee, please email John at [email protected]

Curatorial Committee: This committee meets the second Saturday of each odd-numbered month (January, March, May, etc.). at 1PM.  The committee has been meeting over Zoom during the pandemic while scheduling work days on campus with a smaller group, and may continue to follow this practice for the immediate future due to the size of the committee (the last meeting had roughly 25 in attendance). Members of the committee are either non-voting or voting members; 12 voting members are appointed by the committee each May, or as needed.  Discussions are productive and focus on the current condition of our collection with an eye towards the future. Most recently, the committee has been leading re-homing efforts of non-accessioned items, making recommendations to the Trustees about the artifacts that were brought to the museum and were not accessioned at that time and the future of those pieces, and in the next few weeks members will begin preparing our collection for guests. If you would like to join this committee, please email Katie at [email protected]

Library Committee:  Meets the second Saturday of each odd-numbered month (January, March, May, etc.). at 10AM.  During the pandemic they have been meeting over Zoom but traditionally have met in our library, which is located at 203 Log Cabin Road (the white house to the right of our main entrance on Log Cabin as you’re departing the museum).  If you would like more information or to join this committee, please reach out to our Librarian and Committee Chair Karen Dooks at [email protected]

Safety Committee: Meets routinely; the next meeting will be held on Thursday, March 25th at 10AM at Seashore with no option to Zoom because for this meeting, they will be doing a pre-Opening Day walk through of the guest-visible and guest-accessible areas. In the future, Zoom meetings may be called to supplement in-person meetings. If you would like to join this committee, please email Rob Drye at [email protected]