Volunteer Help Wanted: Museum Curator

Seashore Trolley Museum wishes our current Museum Curator, Peter Osgood, well as he relocates later this spring!  Peter will be serving in the role through March 13, 2021.

Volunteer Job Posting: Museum Curator

The Seashore Trolley Museum seeks a part-time Museum Curator. The Curator’s primary responsibility is to inspire and educate our members and the general public through the preservation, conservation and protection of our collection. The Curator is or strives to be the expert about all elements of our collection and oversees the care, storage or display, catalog and information presented about each piece. The museum collection includes streetcars, rapid transit cars, buses and trackless trolleys, rail equipment, work vehicles, library materials including photographs, postcards, articles, magazines, books, as well as many artifacts of the streetcar era. Tools, supplies, materials and equipment in the Restoration Shop that are not part of the museum’s stock are not part of the museum’s collection.

The Museum Curator works in concert with museum volunteers to conduct research, write about the collection, liaise and collaborate with other collectors and other museums, decide which pieces will be featured in each exhibit or barn, contribute to the design of every display and exhibit, and write informative captions for displays and signage.

With support and direction from the Curatorial Committee, the Museum Curator is responsible for maintaining and executing the museum’s Curatorial Plan, which includes creating and executing plans for accessioning and deaccessioning pieces in the museum’s collection. The Museum Curator will find a balance between managing expectations of stakeholders and the ethics and standards of historic preservation within our museum’s resources and scope.

The Museum Curator works alongside the Executive Director, Shop Director and Curatorial Committee to manage collection stakeholders. The Museum Curator assigns a value to de-accessed items in the museum’s collection. The Museum Curator, with the support and input from the Curatorial Committee, Executive Director and the Shop Director, oversees and executes the Museum’s scrap program.

The Museum Curator works alongside the Shop Director to ensure the museum’s five-year Restoration Plan meets the needs of the collection, has realistic funding paths and is executed. If deviation from the plan occurs, the Museum Curator works with the Shop Director and Executive Director to determine if priorities should change and if so, and what curatorial projects will be affected and impacted and communicate this to stakeholders.

The Museum Curator works with the Executive Director to market, fundraise, and network for the benefit of the collection.

The Museum Curator supervises the Curator of Buses and Trackless Trolleys, the Curator of Rapid Transit, the Curator of Streetcars, the Curator of Interurbans, the Historian, and Curatorial Assistants. The Museum Curator recruits volunteers to support curatorial initiatives at the Museum. The Museum Curator recruits members for and chairs the Curatorial Committee, and serves on the Library Committee. The Curator is supervised by the Executive Director.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

  • Ability to work effectively with and to manage other people.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to secure sponsorships and recruit project managers for preservation project efforts.
  • Skill in the appropriate handling, operating, and storage of our collection.
  • Proficiency in the use of computers and Microsoft Office software.
  • Records maintenance skills and skill in manipulating databases (Pass Perfect).
  • Knowledge of exhibit preparation procedures.
  • Knowledge of basic Museum processes and procedures.
  • Ability to understand and follow complex, detailed technical instructions.
  • Informational research skills.

For questions or to express your interest in serving as Museum Curator, please contact our Executive Director, Katie Orlando, at [email protected].